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For some reason this the most difficult part of my “job” talking how do I do that without going on a tangent in the 3rd person?  It’s proven difficult but if I try I think I can get right to it.  I’m Amber, born in the ’70s, I am a Mom and Wife, I love a good glass of wine and a Country top 40 song.  Recently I’ve learned that I have natural talents like bringing people together (networking would be a better description).  I strive to be kind, honest, authentic and transparent.  My job and “therapy” has always been photography and art.  Beautiful things draw us towards them and so here I am, capturing your smiles and your memories.  I can sit here for hours and tell you why you would want to work with me, but truth be told… I am looking for a bride and groom who “vibe” with me, who are drawn to my images, and who ultimately want to create a unique relationship because you will be spending your most special day with me!  If you think this is a good fit, I encourage you to reach out.  I look forward to an iced tea and a great chat with you!


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