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Time and time again I tell my story and it never gets old…

Hi, my name is Amber. My expertise is kindness, helpfulness and insight. I make time for the ones I care about, I blast 90’s and country music in the background, I sing loud with my husband with the car windows rolled down and I create beauty with my camera and delicious FOOD in the kitchen! Photography and cooking are my 2 therapeutic past times and when I am not doing those I am bringing people together and helping in my community.

I picked up my first camera at 10 years old, I used to save my money and develop film at our local Kmart. I’d walk 6 miles round trip and pay with my babysitting money and literally count the days until I could see the images I caught on camera!

My life ended and started when I was 34 years old. My fiancé of 10 year severed our relationship and I was lost. Simultaneously my photography career began while this was happening and I threw myself into it. As a single mom, this was my livelihood and I learned quickly to create visibility and support within my community otherwise my business wouldn’t grow.

Here I am today, in my 40’s and this little photography business of mine is thriving! I love bold and beautiful colors, I love nature and bringing my clients into forests, desert oasis’ and even places they never thought of like parking structures overlooking our city. We can capture beauty all around us, we just have to open our eyes and look!

Are you ready, because I am! Let’s capture timeless memories together!

Amber Linn


Most important

Our Client Love

Amber has a great vibe and captured beautiful photos of our family.  She was patient with our kids and made the session quick and easy.  We are from Washington and will be waiting to have our future family pictures captured by Amber when we visit California each year.

Ashley Moala

Amber is amazing!  She did my engagement and wedding photos.  I love that she is open to going to go places with amazing views, not just a park like I’ve seen so many others do.  They were on top of everything during our wedding and it ran smoothly.  She’s down to earth and comforting, and quick to respond. I highly recommend her!

Kayla Huerta

Amber is awesome at what she does!  She helped me capture one of the most memorable moments in my life, and she did it with the professionalism that I would have not trusted anyone else with.  Thank you, Amber, for being an important part of Oliva’s and my wedding.

Irvin Avilez

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