It’s time to have your Bachelorette Party in Palm Springs BABY!! Yes, one of the most ultimate and epic spots for your Bachelorette Party, Soiree is definitely Palm Springs! Among the plethura of Palms, you will find endless blue skies, warm sun on your skin and tons of things to do around town! Still not to sure if you should wander outside of the walls of your dwelling during your Bachelorette Party in Palm Springs? It’s okay girl… get you an AirBNB and rent out some of the jaw dropping Mid-Century Modern homes within our City Limits!

How will YOU be celebrating your bachelorette? Obvi, let’s get some naughty party favors as well as some fun in the sun. But what else besides the flowing champs and Prada Sunglasses? Well, a photographer of course! Let your girls know it’s the best way to document (discreetly-or not discreetly) your days with them before your matrimonial, aisle walking, white dressing wearing, wedding!

In case you wondering some of the awesome things you can do around town, please don’t skip out on some of these awesome places you can go and have some fun while you are visiting our beautiful city of Palm Springs, CA! I love all these places, and I visit them frequently so I know first hand where the hidden gems are here in the desert!

Welcome Palm Springs Sign


Sunny Cycle Palm Springs

Pinnochio of the Desert

Moorten’s Botanical Gardens

Indian Canyon Hiking/Water Falls

Vista Point Overlook

Coachella Valley Preserve

Palm Springs Strip

La Quinta Brewing Company

There’s absolutely MORE to do, and I have all the deets, the skinny, whatever you want to call it. So even if you are not going to book me, totally reach out and I’ll give you my list of activities for the place I affectionately call my home!!