Let’s talk about a Forest Photo Shoot! Who doesn’t love a beautiful Forest Engagement, Save the date, Wedding or Couples Photo Shoot? Well in this case a Forest Anniversary Photo Shoot!

I just have to say being able to capture Ashley and Jr.’s Engagement, Wedding and now Anniversary has been such a major pleasure, it gives me all the feels y’all! So it started the prior day with my husband and I scouting local Forrest locations. Living in Palm Springs, CA for so long, we tend to crave some place with “seasons”. And those are far and few between, so being able to hop in the car and finding a spot about 45 minutes away is such a sweet deal for us. We love driving up to Mountain Center and Idyllwild and enjoying the small little artsy town and grabbing coffee or a brew as we are surrounded by the forest. So we decided to scope out a new little spot and it didn’t disappoint! 15 minutes from Idyllwild is a spot with a beautiful flowing creek, huge boulders and beautiful Forest trees.

The day came for Jr. and Ashley to arrive, we promised them a couple hours of adventure and photography and they brought a couple bottles of bubbly champagne to pop and celebrate! How do you think it turned out?

If you are ever near Idyllwild, be sure to visit these local areas for picturesque scenery and the best small mountain town experience! You will not be disappointment in your entire day, and while you are at it get a hold of me and I will end your day with a gorgeous experience as we do a photography session in the local forest simply by clicking right here: “Say Hi” !

Wild Idy

Humber Park

Hurkey Creek

Mile High Cafe

Idyllwild Ice Cream

Higher Grounds