Idyllwild Photographer here, and I wanted to share the love I have for this mountain and the surrounding towns. Hi, I am Amber and have, for as long as I can remember, wanted to move up to Idyllwild! So here I am, very close to Idyllwild and self proclaiming as an Idyllwild Photographer!

Ramona Trail Head

My first love is Idyllwild, nestled high in the San Bernardino Forest above my first home Palm Springs. You are literally a hop, skip and a jump away from the Desert! My husband and I decided to sell all of our stuff and move up the hill a little bit above Palm Desert in much cooler weather in a place called Mountain Center, CA. We actually moved into a trailer on Lake Hemet. We decided to start over and live tiny after the pandemic hit and we’ve never loved it more than we do today. It was absolutely the right decision!

Lake Hemet Camp Grounds

Our first love is obviously Idyllwild, CA. We quickly befriended some of the locals and local business owners in Idyllwild. I absolutely ADORE Wild Idy and Shop Wild Idy! Their touch on everything is unique, so retro, a little edgy and full of COLOR!

Stay Wild Idy Air Bnb
Shop Wild Idy
Selfie Spot in front of the mural by Nicholas Danger located at Wild Idy

Near our area, in Mountain Center we have a lot of trails which I have learned to utilize. Trails are beautiful for hiking, for off roading in our Jeep and also for cooling off in the local “Hurkey Creek”!

Apple Canyon

Every weekend we head down to the open air market, we live for the coffee at Higher Grounds Coffee, and breakfasts on the patio at Mile High Cafe. We will poke around and shop at Wild Idy and grab an ice cream cone at Idyllwild Ice Cream Shop. We love to grab a brew at Idyllwild Brew Pub, the Tropical Hawaiian Pizza at Idyllwild Pizza is our favorite and we love to walk around and browse the nursery at Idyllwild Gardens while grabbing tutu’s tortilla chips to go. And don’t forget to grab our favorite sipping chocolate at El Buen Cacao on our way out of town!!

On your way home to the 10 freeway be sure to stop by Lake Fulmor. A place for a full day of hiking, fishing and picnicing, this place never disappoints and has easy access from the main road, with ample parking (just don’t forget your Adventure pass)!

Well Friends, I have a ton of more secret Gems on the list but that will be for another blog post! Have I missed anything you’ve noticed on this glorious mountain?