Trailer Holiday Photo Shoots, otherwise called Holiday Mini Sessions; It’s already the time of year for your family photos, am I right?! Yearly I always try and have something that stands out that nobody else can duplicate. I have done a red couch in the desert, a blue door standing in the middle of a park, and now a vintage trailer. Last year it was such a hit, I decided to incorporate it into an entirely new location; Idyllwild!

I asked a friend (Palm Springs Artist: Kellie Pelligrini) to help me design the look, but I knew 100% I wanted to have color. She went above and beyond and brought my vision of a vivid, prismatic, color pop Holiday session to life! Our trailer was purchased in 2018, originally for camping, then we turned it into a photo booth and I decided to incorporate it into our Holiday shoots and it’s been a hit ever since!

It’s a Vintage, 1963 Santa Fe trailer with almost everything original on it! It’s a very eye catching Tiffany Blue that is surprisingly very versatile to decorate. We affectionately call our trailer “Wild + Free” and I think the name fits it perfectly!

What do you think about the location? Idyllwild is an artsy, little town nestled in the San Bernardino National Forrest directly behind the Palm Springs Tram. In fact the mountain that is beautifully located in the foreground of the Palm Springs Windmills is the mountain where Idyllwild is located!

The perfect location for our trailer Holiday Photo Shoots this year! Check out my favorite Idyllwild shop with owner Amy and Jayne… I love me some Wild Idy!