Boss Babes Coachella Valley & All the Goodness Local Networking Brings!

This last year I have been helping a lot of business owners learn how to network, market and engage their businesses with online//social media presence. It’s stuff I’ve learned on my own, learned by accident and some of it I’ve learned because I studied the you know what out of it!

And I still come upon so many people who haven’t yet began to master the power of being present and relevant on our social media platforms to increase their leads for their amazing businesses. So 3 months ago I took the opportunity and gathered 15 GREAT Boss Babes locally, and taught them the beginings and showed them how to cross network, gather and support one another ALL FOR FREE!

Fast forward to October 12th, Genelle from Midici Pizza at the River in Rancho Mirage graciously hosted our 2nd meet up for our Coachella Valley “Boss Babes”. How amazing, and WHAT and EXPERIENCE it was to see so many eager faces. I offered each person a chance to get updated headshots while myself and Noelle strategically brought different Boss Babes into conversations whose businesses would benefit from meeting one another. The venue was a perfect setting, the weather was amazing and the meet up was exactly enough time to bring some extraordinary ladies together, and start to network their businesses.

Do you want to know more, are you a local Coachella Valley Business Owner, Boss Babe? We want to talk to you and help you out! We are linked here for additional information so you can access all of our meet up dates and times and we look forward to having you Boss Babes Coachella Valley.

Check out all the lovely ladies and their businesses! It’s a blessing and it is wonderful to know that I am not alone in growing my little passionate business… Each one of these ladies I feel like I could go to at any time and just chat about the ups and downs and possibly troubleshoot or just talk about how fulfilling it is to own your own business and be your own BOSS BABE! Come join us in January 2019 for our next meet up at Sherry Mesa the Salon!

David + Leslie // Temeku Canyon Country Club, Temecula California

Leslie and I go way back…. like 1998 and it hasn’t always been such a good relationship (but don’t worry, it ended up GREAT). After all the trials and tough spots we’ve gone through I can honestly say we’ve ended up in such a good place! Not just with one another as friends but in life! Leslie has found love, or I must say love has found her and his name is David. Awww… What an honor it was when Leslie asked me to photograph her wedding. I get giddy when I am part of my friends’ huge life moments like a wedding! I get be part of it in such a way where I get to gift them with their most precious memories. So please sit back, relax and take a peek into David and Leslie’s sweet wedding day xo!

Wild + Free Photo Booth // Palm Springs, CA

Yesterday we officially launched our event photo booth! In my mind this is a great way to offer packages to our event clientele so that they can have the best of both photography worlds. When we purchased our custom made, solid wood photography booth I knew that this would fit so many different styles. Rustic weddings, bohemian weddings, barn weddings, you could probably think up so much more! I'm just ecstatic that I was able to do this, to grow our company and also offer more from our small yet mighty little business. 

In Love Session at the Lake + Idyllwild, CA

Over the Summer I decided to take a break from Wedding photography. Many of you know that I work full time and I run my photography business on the weekends. My goal was to escape the heat that comes with living in the Palm Springs, CA area and learn to rest. My mentality is to always go go go, and I am not quite sure why. But sitting still for me,  unless I am asleep is pretty difficult. So with the break I decided to dive into growing my business and I was hit with a rude and painful awakening. It's called Self Comparison, who's heard of it. With down time I had MORE time to pay attention to the talented creatives around me. Even virtually I was bombarded with gorgeous images and immediately started to compare. What came of that was a lot of insecurity, doubt and sadness. 


I'm not one to wallow so I decided to take my downtime and dabble in other creative ventures, obviously I would never put down my camera - it's my true love and passion. So instead I started to use it for my own creative happiness and from the ground up I pursued photography sessions that filled my heart, added to my growth and had me leaving with a feeling of happiness instead of self sabotaging doubt. Here's one of sessions that really met my needs in ways that I am happy to share. My first step was imagination; I wanted water, a lake and someone who would be happy to play in it if asked. Then I decided to take a look at loving couples who I've had a great energy connection too. Lastly I decided to use lenses that I've put away for awhile and start to challenge myself to get different angles, and looks with them. Here is my most recent session. I left feeling totally clear and fresh and so darn happy! 

What is a Mini Session + Why are they ideal?

I often get calls and messages asking for "Mini Sessions". And I would say 95% of the time what my inquiries are asking for are actual one on one sessions, so I would like to break it town and letcha know what a Mini Session is all about!

Most kids (and husbands:) have a time limit of about 15 minutes. I always get the best smiles and moments at the beginning of my family sessions, so why draw it out??

With my mini sessions you get an individual session to take a 15 quick minutes and get the best photos, without making it a hard, long, drawn out, experience. Since they are easy (and, bonus, more affordable) you can even handle doing multiple in a year so that you can record your family as they grow up. 

I always use my tried and true locations that are AMAZING, I choose a date and I choose times around ideal outdoor light (and traffic, honestly) in mind to make it a fun experience all around. All you need to do to claim your spot is message me and let me know which date/time you want and I'll take care of the rest!! What do you think, are these ideal for you and your family or are one on one sessions your jam?

A couple of weeks ago I decided to offer a little opener of what my Mini Sessions will be like to my inquiries, clients and return customers. My fiance had built a cute little stand and we decided to do a fun summer theme of a "Lemonade Stand" with the children. I think they turned out quite adorable, what do you think?

How I network locally + Creating Opportunities + Boss Babes & Supporting Small Businesses

How I network locally + Creating Opportunities + Boss Babes & Supporting Small Businesses

Boss Babes, Coachella Valley unite in entrepreneurial support! How to create cross networking opportunities!

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VENDOR SPOTLIGHT: Trisha Wedding Hair + Makeup Artist, Palm Springs, California

When it's a day unlike any other day, a special day, the day you give your life to the man of your dreams; many women do not envision walking down the aisle looking "just okay". we dream of looking our best and hearinng the word "beautiful" escape everyone's lips. With Trisha, this is her speciality. Empowering women to take on the day, with natural beauty and a glamorous look. Yes it might seem redundant, or an oxymoron; but she's taken on the challenge and conquered it and is able to incoroporate these looks with colors that suit your skin tone and make your eye color pop! 

Trisha isn't just a trusted vendor, she's part of my team and also a dear friend! I am so excited to be able to refer her to each of my brides and bridesmaids. Even Senior pictures and family photos could use a little bit of Trisha's hair and makeup skills! She currently practices independently, remotely and from Sola Salon in La Quinta, CA. 

I've chosen Trisha for my own special day, and I cannot wait! You can find all of her information under my "Vendor's" Tab on my website.

Taylor + Delainey // Temecula Coach House, Temecula CA

Taylor and Delainey were simply a dream to work with! I got to hear their story of the special engagement organized after a double digit hike to a mountain top. The clouds opened up a bit just at the right time for Taylor to propose. We did some adventuring around Jenks Lake for their save the dates and engagement session, it took a bit but Delainey came out of her shell and Taylor made her smile the entire time! Finally, the day of their wedding.. the support and love from family and friends was overflowing. So much greenery at their venue and Delainey was a classic beauty; she honestly didn't need much to glow as she was beautiful just as she is! 

Travis + Ashley \\ Camp Round Meadow, Jenks Lake, Big Bear, CA

Get Ready for a RIDE because Travis and Ashley have booked a cabin for you at CAMP ROUND MEADOW, a.k.a. their WEDDING!!


How amazing to have an entire camp to yourself, in the woods and you get to walk down the aisle among family, friends and pine trees! These 2 gorgeous people committed their life and love to one another and provided a timeless memory for every single person that attended! Not only was this wedding beautiful but so was the bride! Ashley is very non traditional but you'd never know from the dress she was wearing. Elegance through and through... I will say it over and over again, this wedding kept my jaw dropping because not everyone gets the opportunity to say "I Do" in a meadow, with mountains full of snow while all their loved ones watch. Congratulations Ashley and Travis!!

Josh + April // Miramonte Resort & Intimate Wedding, La Quinta, CA

Oh my gosh I have so much to say about Josh and April! They had an intimate, back yard wedding on the most beautiful, golden, cloudy days. Their venue included beautiful citrus trees, succulents, a shimmering pool, macrame and Rose Quartz Crystals. I knew instantly April was a stickler for the small, beautiful momentos... the ones that bring back instantaneous memories and this day was no exception. Everything down to her mermaid hair, was beautifully thought out and most were hand made. What I remember most are their vows. They were soulfully written and said from the heart while they choked back a little bit of the tears! I am so so so glad they can relive this day everytime they look back on their gallery, I mean... if I get this teary eyed looking at the images I can just imagine what they see. *Be Still MY HEART!

Lenny + Maree \\ Indian Palms Country Club - Indio, CA

There were tears of happiness and not one detail was spared on this special day in Indio at Indian Palms Country Club. Lenny and Maree's union and commitment to one another at the alter on a bright sunny day was beautiful! I arrived and entered Maree's room where I was greeted by her family, her bridesmaids and her mom and treated like I was a guest of honor. They were incredibly sweet and so nurturing and EXCITED with Maree on her special day! As I made my way to the reception area to capture some sweet details, my eyes went to the fun way that Lenny incorporated their love for hiking and adventuring into their decor. Each table was labled a hike they conquered and enjoyed with one another. The ring bearer walked down the aisle with a walking stick and their hiking hats were displayed under the arch while the bride and groom recieted their vows. What has left an everlasting impression on my heart was the emotion that every single guest displayed. So many beautiful speeches, smiles and again... tears of happiness!!! I always say this, but I am beyond honored and just in awe of these gorgeous couples who emenate so much LOVE with one another!

Eric + Amanda // Ironwood Country Club + Palm Desert, CA

What can I say about this sweet couple? The first thing that comes to my mind is that they waited so long to find their most perfect love... and as they were standing at the alter I saw how deeply and madly in love they are! From the hand holding in Redlands for their engagement session to the cotton pink sunset on their wedding day. Their gaze hardly left one another, I didn't know them very long but my heart was so happy for them! This traditional church wedding and the country club reception was just stunning, and every family member had a part in making it just perfect for Eric and Amanda. Wishing them all the best in life, I feel honored to have been able to capture their special day!

Tim + Megan // Clarke Estate + Santa Fe Springs, CA

I was asked by the lovely Tiffany Perry (Photography) to be her associate photographer on this lovely day. I carefully stepped into a hotel full of beautiful bridesmaids and Megan. She was finalizing her hair and makeup and I thought to myself, what a BEAUTIFUL BRIDE! I was so excited to work with her, later I was introduced to her soon to be husband and the 2 of them are off the charts gorgeous! The Venue at the Clarke Estate was filled with whites, oranges and lush foliage. The greenery and the groomsmen tuxes just made everything pop! The way these two looked at one another just made me melt, my heart is totally in weddings and they confirmed it! Among the amazing venue, little details like the bridesmaid flowers, the string lights and their favorite disk, "Mexican Street Corn" gave the perfect personal touches. I am beyond thankful I was able to help capture this most special day with Tiffany. Wishing a lifetime of happiness to bride and groom!

Jawanza + Sandy // Casa De Monte Vista, Palm Springs, CA

I often ask myself why I feel so deeply about being able to find my heart in wedding photography. it's hard work, the days are long but in the end it is so rewarding. I still smile ear to ear when I see the groom watch his bride walk down the aisle. I still get teary eyed during the vows, and I still belly laugh during the toasts and speeches. When I am blessed to be able to go back and relive the day and present it in a gallery that reads like a love story to the newlyweds, that is when my heart starts to overflow and I feel so blessed to do what I love.


Sandy reached out to me on a perfect November day and inquired about my availability. I didn't realize that her and Jawanza would be traveling to Palm Springs for their beautiful wedding. But when I did my heart seriously did a flutter! The location was a dream and when the big day came, I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She looked so beautiful, and the cape on her gown was stunning. During the vows, the sun was touching the tip of Mount San Jacinto and the Palm Trees were swaying in the wind. Jawanza was ear to ear smiling as they both took each other's hand, I couldn't hold back the emotion. I was smiling along with them, if only we all had opportunities such as these to have our dearest ones join us in a location far away from home to watch 2 beautiful people marry one another. The wedding was such a dream and I am so very happy that I was able to capture these moments for them. 

Lauren Mesa [[Hair Stylist]] // VENDOR SPOTLIGHT

It definitely can be a struggle, finding the right person who really understands your hair AND your personality. But I think I have hit the jackpot! Meet Lauren Mesa, Hairstylist or as I like to refer to her Hair Artist! I look forward to my bi-monthly visits with her because slowly and steadily she has simply won me over. She has great hair, a heart of gold and a ton of SASS! I've always wanted to try different styles and colors... GASP I have recently started to go "blonde" and she has made it happen effortlessly. One of the many reasons I wanted to spotlight this wonderful individual is because we all like a TRUSTED REFERRAL. I first ran into Lauren years back at a concert, she caught my eye and I thought what a beautiful person!

Years later, she's popping up on my social media feeds and hanging out with my family members and friends and I am thinking; this is meant to be. I was meant to KNOW HER! She has given my friends the gift of beautiful hair and I was ready to make a change. So after my first appointment with her I have steadily met with her at "Sherry Mesa THE Salon" 4 times, and I have yet to be disappointed. My trusted referral and gift to all of you is Lauren. Trust her; she will make you look gorgeous on your wedding day or for beautiful family pictures. While you sit in her chair she will chat you up, make you feel welcome and in the end you may just have made an awesome new friend!!!


Darren + Venessa // Desert Falls Country Club, Palm Desert, CA

Sitting down with Darren and Venessa, you get a sense of complete relaxation. They are chill, they are funny and they go with the flow. Avid travelers and a beautiful love you can see whenever they look at one another. On their special day I was greeted by the best wedding planner AnnMarie! From there it went off without a hitch, beautiful color scheme, a golden sunset and our GORGEOUS BRIDE walking down the aisle. It was a dream with the most amazing full moon while they danced the night away! Congratulations to this amazing couple, we were honored to be part of your special day!


Cameron + Cheyenne \\ Jack Rabbit Ranch, Big Bear, CA

Let me tell you; if there ever was a time where we immediately connected, it was the night we met Cameron and Cheyenne. As these 2 love birds lived quite a ways away from us, we decided to meet in the middle at our most favorite spot in Redlands called the STATE. It overlooks the historic main street in Redlands, and the ambiance is one that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Upon our first encounter, I wanted to be able to work and capture the most perfect memories for Cameron and Cheyenne. They were a little bit of edgy, quirky and definitely kind. Just take a look, their wedding encompassed their personalities to a "T"! Red and Black, wedding bliss on Friday the 13th in Big Bear, CA on the most perfect ranch. This was such a fun wedding, amidst nature with loving family during sunset.

Randy + Yvette \\ Pala Mesa Wedding

Meeting Randy and Yvette in 2016, I never expected to be part of such a beautiful and meaningful day. But after our meeting and first session of Holiday family portraits; it was meant to be. I was asked to capture their most important day; the day they were to be married. Once I arrived at the venue, I was absolutely stunned. Pala Mesa Resort does not disappoint from the aisle, décor and beautiful surrounding hills, to the bridal suite there was nothing short of beauty. Yvette made a beautiful bride, she wore a stunning fitted bridal gown along with navy blue converse "chucks" (my kinda gal)! Randy looked very handsome in the most perfect blue suit and their smiles never left their face. The entire night I have not seen such love from everyone - I was constantly being hugged and thanked (and I wasn't even the one getting married *insert blushing and laughter). This one was absolutely for the books, sending so much love and blessings to Randy and Yvette. xo -Amber Linn