Boss Babes Coachella Valley & All the Goodness Local Networking Brings!

This last year I have been helping a lot of business owners learn how to network, market and engage their businesses with online//social media presence. It’s stuff I’ve learned on my own, learned by accident and some of it I’ve learned because I studied the you know what out of it!

And I still come upon so many people who haven’t yet began to master the power of being present and relevant on our social media platforms to increase their leads for their amazing businesses. So 3 months ago I took the opportunity and gathered 15 GREAT Boss Babes locally, and taught them the beginings and showed them how to cross network, gather and support one another ALL FOR FREE!

Fast forward to October 12th, Genelle from Midici Pizza at the River in Rancho Mirage graciously hosted our 2nd meet up for our Coachella Valley “Boss Babes”. How amazing, and WHAT and EXPERIENCE it was to see so many eager faces. I offered each person a chance to get updated headshots while myself and Noelle strategically brought different Boss Babes into conversations whose businesses would benefit from meeting one another. The venue was a perfect setting, the weather was amazing and the meet up was exactly enough time to bring some extraordinary ladies together, and start to network their businesses.

Do you want to know more, are you a local Coachella Valley Business Owner, Boss Babe? We want to talk to you and help you out! We are linked here for additional information so you can access all of our meet up dates and times and we look forward to having you Boss Babes Coachella Valley.

Check out all the lovely ladies and their businesses! It’s a blessing and it is wonderful to know that I am not alone in growing my little passionate business… Each one of these ladies I feel like I could go to at any time and just chat about the ups and downs and possibly troubleshoot or just talk about how fulfilling it is to own your own business and be your own BOSS BABE! Come join us in January 2019 for our next meet up at Sherry Mesa the Salon!