Lenny + Maree \\ Indian Palms Country Club - Indio, CA

There were tears of happiness and not one detail was spared on this special day in Indio at Indian Palms Country Club. Lenny and Maree's union and commitment to one another at the alter on a bright sunny day was beautiful! I arrived and entered Maree's room where I was greeted by her family, her bridesmaids and her mom and treated like I was a guest of honor. They were incredibly sweet and so nurturing and EXCITED with Maree on her special day! As I made my way to the reception area to capture some sweet details, my eyes went to the fun way that Lenny incorporated their love for hiking and adventuring into their decor. Each table was labled a hike they conquered and enjoyed with one another. The ring bearer walked down the aisle with a walking stick and their hiking hats were displayed under the arch while the bride and groom recieted their vows. What has left an everlasting impression on my heart was the emotion that every single guest displayed. So many beautiful speeches, smiles and again... tears of happiness!!! I always say this, but I am beyond honored and just in awe of these gorgeous couples who emenate so much LOVE with one another!