How I network locally + Creating Opportunities + Boss Babes & Supporting Small Businesses

Hi All,

It's me (again). This is a bit of a personal post but also one that brings me happiness and addresses, feeds and nourishes another passion of mine; NETWORKING and supporting community. Community means a lot of different things to different people, within my heart it means support, small business, gather, lift up, share, care and offer kindness to grow our local home towns. What does it mean to you? I bet if you sat down and thought about it you could come up with a lot of key words and realize how integral it is in your life (as well as mine). 


I get these wild thoughts and ideas and tend to act on them if I am passionate. Last week I thought about all of these cool mixers, these associations and local business committees that meet. How awesome, yet how much WORK is that! Does it cost money? Well, to be honest; yes sometimes it does. That didn't make sense to me... the lots of work part and the financial part. I thought is there a way I can connect some of my local friends, entrepreneur friends, those passionate, hard working and loving friends who are eagerly growing their businesses with a lot of elbow muscle and heart bursting passion? YES! And it only takes a question, just one...


I posted it on my personal social media page: "Hey local boss babes, my friends, do you have a business, a side hustle, a weekend warrior-grass roots, entrepreneurial venture? Well let's meet Tuesday at 6:30p for a half an hour! What will you get out of it? Welp, I'll bring you some fizzy water and my camera and you bring your business card,  your cell phone and your smiles and you will leave with a head shot, other connections to cross network with and maybe a new friend."


That's it guys, I mean... it took some work and I ALMOST cancelled! But 14 women, boss babes and all around amazing people showed up, traded business cards, collaborated, met, became friends and social networking buddies. HOW AMAZING! Now... what did I get from it, obviously I got some happiness, I gave my support because that's how I roll and what I love but I also got this:


Each one of these boss babes promised to tag me in any pictures they used from me that day. They are also tagging on social media all of these other women. Big deal, that's what you're thinking correct? Um YEAH... not sarcastically but YES! When you, your clients, friends and other businesses tag you it creates OPPORTUNITY for you to cross network. When someone tags, likes, comments on anything that comes from you; their friends, and friends - friends, and family can see it as well. From these 14 lovely ladies, if only 10 of their friends saw the picture I posted and tagged everyone in it... that means possibly 140 people now know about all of our businesses or MOREEE. So fun!


The point of this story is multiple: Creating opportunities is awesome and can be done with little to no budget. Networking in your community helps EVERYONE who is building and growing a local business. Capitalize on referrals and word of mouth, even if it takes an hour of free time out of your day. Lastly, offer what you can and you will receive 10 fold back or more. It's the universe, it see's you, it will have your back and it will bless you when you give from your heart. Below are these amazing ladies who drove across the valley to see me and create opportunities for their business and support mine. Love to you all! -Amber


P.S. Are you a Boss Babe? Well then, I'll be offering these bi-monthly (every 2 months) will you join us?! *repeat attendee's allowed