Hair Artist

VENDOR SPOTLIGHT: Trisha Wedding Hair + Makeup Artist, Palm Springs, California

When it's a day unlike any other day, a special day, the day you give your life to the man of your dreams; many women do not envision walking down the aisle looking "just okay". we dream of looking our best and hearinng the word "beautiful" escape everyone's lips. With Trisha, this is her speciality. Empowering women to take on the day, with natural beauty and a glamorous look. Yes it might seem redundant, or an oxymoron; but she's taken on the challenge and conquered it and is able to incoroporate these looks with colors that suit your skin tone and make your eye color pop! 

Trisha isn't just a trusted vendor, she's part of my team and also a dear friend! I am so excited to be able to refer her to each of my brides and bridesmaids. Even Senior pictures and family photos could use a little bit of Trisha's hair and makeup skills! She currently practices independently, remotely and from Sola Salon in La Quinta, CA. 

I've chosen Trisha for my own special day, and I cannot wait! You can find all of her information under my "Vendor's" Tab on my website.

Lauren Mesa [[Hair Stylist]] // VENDOR SPOTLIGHT

It definitely can be a struggle, finding the right person who really understands your hair AND your personality. But I think I have hit the jackpot! Meet Lauren Mesa, Hairstylist or as I like to refer to her Hair Artist! I look forward to my bi-monthly visits with her because slowly and steadily she has simply won me over. She has great hair, a heart of gold and a ton of SASS! I've always wanted to try different styles and colors... GASP I have recently started to go "blonde" and she has made it happen effortlessly. One of the many reasons I wanted to spotlight this wonderful individual is because we all like a TRUSTED REFERRAL. I first ran into Lauren years back at a concert, she caught my eye and I thought what a beautiful person!

Years later, she's popping up on my social media feeds and hanging out with my family members and friends and I am thinking; this is meant to be. I was meant to KNOW HER! She has given my friends the gift of beautiful hair and I was ready to make a change. So after my first appointment with her I have steadily met with her at "Sherry Mesa THE Salon" 4 times, and I have yet to be disappointed. My trusted referral and gift to all of you is Lauren. Trust her; she will make you look gorgeous on your wedding day or for beautiful family pictures. While you sit in her chair she will chat you up, make you feel welcome and in the end you may just have made an awesome new friend!!!